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We have been providing information, advice and support to people made chronically ill through allergy and those who care for them since 1978. We are here to help you, so please get in touch.

Allergy & Free From Show – Olympia, London

ALLERGY CHALLENGES FOR CHILDREN The psychological challenges for children and parents living with allergies will be the focus of a talk to be given by Dr Polly James in the Learning Centre at this year’s Allergy & Free From Show (Olympia, London) on Saturday July 9 at 1300 hrs. Dr James has recently taken up her [...]

May 2016|
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Action Against Allergy (AAA) is a registered national charity founded in 1978 by Mrs Amelia Nathan Hill who, since childhood, had suffered allergic reactions to many different foods and chemicals. She was chronically ill with migraine, stomach upsets, painful limbs and joints and other symptoms so severe that she was bedridden for long periods. Her doctor thought she was being poisoned!

After many years and help from methods devised by the late Dr Richard Mackarness using elimination diets,  Amelia was able to control her allergies and enjoy a normal life. She wrote her own story of her fight for health, Against the Unsuspected Enemy, which inspired thousands to write to her to share their own allergy problems and express their desperate need for help. Amelia founded AAA to give that help – and it has done so ever since.

We offer help, support and advice through our forums, articles, newsletters and events.  The best way to start fighting your own allergic condition is join us and benefit from over 35 years experience.

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Please see just three of our most recent articles here. If you would like to view all our articles, then please go to our Articles page where you can select a category to see all the articles for that subject.

The Eczema Education Programme

April 2016|

An innovation to help families of children with eczema Karina Jackson, Consultant Nurse, St. John’s Institute of Dermatology, Guy’s and St. Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust, London We know childhood eczema is a common condition affecting 15–20% of children under 7 years in the UK1 which can significantly impact on the [...]

Rare Food Allergies by Alex Gazzola

March 2016|

Alex Gazzola explores the problems and consequences of living with one or more allergies to usually non-reactive foods.  When it comes to food allergies and intolerances, most of the conversation, information and research focuses on gluten and the so-called top 14 allergens – principally milk, eggs, nuts, peanuts, soya, gluten-containing [...]

Hayfever – by Linda Gamlin

March 2016|

Once it was thought to be something of a joke, the affliction of posh people. Now millions suffer. Linda Gamlin explains why and offers practical advice for relieving it. Daffodils in flower just after Christmas and volleys of sneezing in early February – what’s the connection? The answer of course [...]

Titanium Sensitivity and Safety – by Alex Gazzola

November 2015|

It’s not an allergy which many people, including experts, have heard of, and yet for some, titanium – in the form of the colouring and UV absorber titanium dioxide – could be causing sensitivities and other problems. Alex Gazzola reports. Named after the Titans of Greek mythology, titanium is an extremely strong [...]

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Allergy Newsletter is a colourful 48 page journal published in Spring, Summer and Winter. It is FREE to members of Action Against Allergy and available to non-members at £3 per issue. All prices include postage for UK addresses, for other destinations please contact us.

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NO.116 SPRING 2016

There is help for hayfever sufferers in this Spring issue which also includes news on the needs of the elderly and a look at rare food allergies.

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Sunday 10th July 2016

The British 10k London Run is staged on the world’s greatest road race route through the heart of central London, passing many of the capital’s truly world class historic landmarks. Around 25,000 runners are expected, from all over the UK and overseas. It’s for seasoned runners and equally for those who are running a 10K race for the first time…

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