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Welcome to Action Against Allergy

We have been providing information, advice and support to people made chronically ill through allergy and those who care for them since 1978. We are here to help you, so please get in touch.


Better labelling needed to save lives says Nadim Ednan-Laperouse Our daughter Natasha died after eating a baguette sandwich purchased at Pret a Manger, Heathrow Airport in July 2016.  The bread had sesame seeds baked into the [...]

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Who are we, and how can we help?dots7

Action Against Allergy (AAA) is a registered national charity founded in 1978 by Mrs Amelia Nathan Hill who, since childhood, had suffered allergic reactions to many different foods and chemicals. She was chronically ill with migraine, stomach upsets, painful limbs and joints and other symptoms so severe that she was bedridden for long periods. Her doctor thought she was being poisoned!

After many years and help from methods devised by the late Dr Richard Mackarness using elimination diets,  Amelia was able to control her allergies and enjoy a normal life. She wrote her own story of her fight for health, Against the Unsuspected Enemy, which inspired thousands to write to her to share their own allergy problems and express their desperate need for help. Amelia founded AAA to give that help – and it has done so ever since.

We offer help, support and advice through our forums, articles, newsletters and events.  The best way to start fighting your own allergic condition is join us and benefit from over 35 years experience.

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Articles To Help Youdots7

Please see just four articles which may help you understand your health problems and give you advice on how best to manage them. If you would like to view all our articles, then please go to our Articles page (located under Allergy Management) where you can select a category to see all the articles for that subject.

Anaphylaxsis – a frigtening experience

Dr Polly James describes first steps in managing anxiety following anaphylaxis A crisis such as an anaphylactic reaction or a significant allergic reaction is traumatic for everyone and can bring additional challenges. Parents and children can be left feeling anxious and traumatised by the allergic reaction, by the memories of [...]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Histamine Intolerence: Dietary Approach to Management – Dr Janice Joneja Ph.D

The role of diet in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has been debated for decades, so far without any consensus as to whether dietary components may be the cause, trigger, or merely an exacerbating factor in an existing condition in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.  It is likely that any, or a [...]

Is Free From Skincare For You?

Many with allergies and sensitive skins will be only too aware of the difficulties of finding suitable, helpful and non-reactive cosmetics and toiletries. Could free from' skincare products - which are free from some of the many allergens or irritants often responsible for triggering sensitivities and reactions - be [...]

The Facts About Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy

Good advice from Kiran Tiwana, Paediatric Allergy Dietitian, Children's Allergy Service, St Thomas' Hospital, London. Cow's milk protein allergy is uncommon in adults with an estimated prevalence of approximately 1 adult in 200. (Woods RK et al 2002). It occurs when the body's immune system reacts to proteins found in milk. Allergic [...]

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Allergy Newsletter is a colourful journal published in Spring, Summer and Winter. It is FREE to members of Action Against Allergy and available to non-members at £5 per issue. All prices include postage for UK addresses, for other destinations please contact us.

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There are a wealth of articles and information in our back issues. Please click the button below to see a summary for each of our last three back issues.

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If you become a member at Action Against Allergy, then you receive password access to our membership area.  This holds the latest edition of the Newsletter which can be downloaded or read online. If you would like to see a back issue not featured on our website, then please get in touch.

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NO.124 Winter 2018

Comment on labelling from the Food Standards Agency, where to find nut-free treats, air pollution overview, global news and lots more.

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Online Clinic on Allergiesdots7

talkhealth is running a FREE Online Clinic on Allergies from 4-15 February 2019. Medical experts will be available to answer questions about all aspects of living with an allergy including hay fever, environmental allergies, food allergy, allergy symptoms, treatments and more! Anyone looking for support for their condition is welcome to join the clinic.

Allergies are extremely common; they are thought to affect around one in four people in the UK and are particularly common in children. Allergies can increase or decrease over time and you may develop an allergy to something you previously did not have an allergy to before.

“More and more people in the UK are living with allergies,” says Deborah Wyatt, Director of talkhealth. “Having any allergy can be debilitating and can really affect your day to day life. But the good news is there are ways in which you can keep some allergies under control and still enjoy life.”

“Our FREE Online Clinic on Allergies opens on 4 February and is available for anyone who wants to ask one of our experts a question about anything allergy related. The experts are there to provide information and guidance to help you manage your allergy better and provide you with the confidence to have a more productive conversation with your GP about your symptoms and treatment options.”

talkhealth has teamed up with Green People, Imutest and The Allergy & Free From Show to present this online clinic, which is also supported by the charity Action Against Allergy and The Allergy Academy.

The medical panel includes Dr Anton Alexandroff Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Dinkar Bakshi Consultant in Paediatrics & Allergy, Dr Faheem Latheef Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Chris Rutkowski Consultant Allergist and Dr Kate Swan Consultant in Paediatric Allergy.

Find out more about the Online Allergy Clinic here www.talkhealthpartnership.com