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Tips On Establishing A Healthier And Allergen Free Home

Maxima Skelton, founder-director of The Healthy House offers Tips on establishing a healthier and allergen free home. The very title is a bit of a misnomer I since everyone's allergies and sensitivities are so individual. However, we can offer some general guidelines which will help not only to reduce exposure to allergens but also [...]

Anaphylaxis Without Warning – New-onset food allergy in an adult

Dr Michael Radcliffe is a consultant in the Allergy Service at University College Hospital, London.  He describes an unusual case where new-onset food allergy happened for the first time in an adult, whereas most cases of true food allergy (the type that can lead to anaphylaxis) commence in childhood.  He discusses possible reasons why [...]

Helping Children Face Up To Food Allergy

Expert tips from Polly James and Roisin Fitzsimons School can be anxiety provoking for many children and their families, at different times; starting a new school, transferring to secondary school or managing exam stress.  For families of children with a food allergy, there are other challenges.  Food allergy has been shown to have a [...]

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Urticaria And Angioedema

Dr Michael Radcliffe explains the difference. I work in a busy NHS allergy clinic in central London and in a full day of seeing patients in the out-patient clinic, I will typically see 10 new referrals.  The commonest reason for being referred is a condition called urticaria.  Amongst 10 new referrals I will expect [...]

The Obesity-Allergy Link

Dr Nicola Davies, author of ‘I Can Beat Obesity!’, considers the relationship between the two conditions. It is thought that around one in four adults in the UK are obese (the highest prevalence in Europe at 24.9%).1 In addition, the number of people affected by one or more allergies is thought to be more than [...]

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Sadly, due to lack of funding, Action Against Allergy (Registered Charity No.276637) had to close down in August 2020.  The website and any email address or telephone numbers associated with it are no longer monitored. However, as this website contains a wealth of information to help all those with allergic conditions, much of which [...]

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The passing of a clinical pioneer

There are millions of allergy sufferers today who have reason to pay tribute to the work of Dr Alfred William “Bill” Frankland, the “grandfather” of clinical allergy, who has died at the age of 108. He was respected world-wide for his contributions to allergy at a time when this was little understood and particularly [...]

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Food Standard Agency Symposium 2020 – a vision for the future of the food hypersensitive consumer. Notes on the presentation from Michelle Berridale-Johnson

Welcome – an overview Heather Hancock, Chair FSA. The aim of the Food Standards Agency's programmes is to improve the quality of life for the two million people who have to live with food allergies – and the nearly 5 million people who live with food intolerances. A job which is very much worth [...]

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