Helping Children To Face The Allergy Challenge

Dr Polly James explains the background to this innovative service  I am delighted to say that I have been in post now, as the Paediatric Clinical Psychologist for Children’s Allergy Service St Thomas’ Hospital, since February 2016. This is all thanks to Action Against Allergy who have generously funded this significant and worthy new clinical [...]

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The Eczema Education Programme

An innovation to help families of children with eczema Karina Jackson, Consultant Nurse, St. John’s Institute of Dermatology, Guy’s and St. Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust, London We know childhood eczema is a common condition affecting 15–20% of children under 7 years in the UK1 which can significantly impact on the quality of life of both [...]

Infant Food Allergies: Prevention and Early Feeding – by Janice Joneja

New guidelines explained by Janice Joneja Ph.D, RD One of the most significant changes in paediatric food allergy management in recent years has been in strategies to prevent food allergy in early infancy.  Previously the idea prevailed that if the most highly allergenic foods are withheld from the infant until the immune and digestive systems [...]