Why donate to Action Against Allergy?

We bridge the gapdots7 We take action against allergy in many ways

As a national charity for over three decades we have provided a bridge between those suffering from all forms of allergic illness and the inadequate NHS provision which leaves many people in desperate need of help.

Invaluable Resourcedots7

Our work is wide-ranging. AAA’s information and advisory service is called upon daily by phone and by email for advice and support. We try to meet the need in a personal and direct way to guide each person towards a suitable medical resource or a route to self-help.

Our ‘Find a doctor’ service provides patients and parents of allergic children with details of their nearest appropriate clinical experts.

Our sponsorship of online clinics in co-operation with enables direct advisory contact with allergy consultants and specialist nurses.

Our participation in the annual Allergy and Free From Show provides face to-face-contact with experts and our frequently updated website features informative articles and practical advice freely available.

We support innovative projects of clinical care which are improving the lives of allergic children and their parents and we are developing special measures to help the elderly who are failing to get the help they need elsewhere.

Can affect anyonedots7

The need to take action against allergy is not a cause that only allergic people should support. Allergic illness can strike anyone, at any time, at any age. In fact at least 1 in 4 of us will suffer some form of allergic illness at some time in our lives – and the number is growing rapidly.

Even if you have no allergy-related problem yourself, ask around – we would be surprised if you did not know others who have. It is a cause that needs the support of everyone to enable vital research into the causes and treatment of allergic illness and to campaign for appropriate primary care to be available to all through the National Health Service.

Please make it your choice to support us, but whatever you decide, we will always be here to support you.

Ways to help

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A one-off donation NOW, securely online with PayPal, or by calling us on 020 8892 4949.


Become a member, with a Standing Order to arrange your annual subscription of £20.

Special Events

Fundraising can be fun and help make friends when you go running or organise special events.


Make Action Against Allergy a beneficiary in your Will.


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AAA’s membership scheme provides support that is always on tap, contact with other sufferers just a phone call away and a free journal that keeps members up-to-date about treatments and new products available.

We depend entirely on gifts from generous individuals and trusts.. AAA is not grant-aided by the government. For an annual subscription of just £20 you can help meet the costs of our services – and receive benefits for yourself in return.

Please Donate


Please donate whatever you can spare, securely, online NOW.  If you are a Tax payer at standard rate or more, we can reclaim that Tax if you give us your permission under the Gift Aid scheme. It adds a handsome 25% to your gift.

Give as you shop


Any time you shop online you can use the following link to access discounts for you from major retailers who also send a gift to AAA. It’s easy – covering just about everything you may want to buy, whether travel, clothes, groceries or household goods. All the big names are there. It costs you nothing to help AAA in this way.



If you are going to be out running those marathons or half marathons this season, why not make AAA your cause? (We’ll help with the T-shirt and publicity.) Or maybe drop an invitation around to the neighbours to come for a coffee morning for a small charge; or set up a table in the garden and make it a ‘Bring and Buy’. We can supply introductory leaflets. Nuisance coins? Throw them in a bucket and take them along to the supermarket to turn them into a gift for AAA.

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