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Our ‘Find a Doctor’ service will supply you with the names and contact details of any clinics, appropriate NHS and private specialists dealing with allergy-related illness in your area or, if there are none locally, those which are nearest to you.

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To provide you with the best possible options, we ask you to indicate what type of problem you have, for example food, skin, respiratory, fatigue, IBS, chemical sensitivity, environmental. Simply select an option from the drop down box when ordering.

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After ordering below, you will receive information from us. We recommend that you take this information to your GP and ask for referral to your practitioner of choice. If we have provided details of a practitioner who does not require a GP referral we will make this clear.

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Background Informationdots7

The NHS provides very few full-time allergy clinics in the UK and only a limited number of part-time clinics, leaving many areas without any designated resources at all. Some consultants hold periodic or occasional NHS allergy clinics directly related to their own specialist fields, for example dermatology or respiratory disease. While this may help someone with skin or breathing problems it may also mean that the patient’s symptoms are not viewed holistically.
There are, however, a number of allergy specialist doctors and immunologists, treating a wide spectrum of allergy-related conditions, who maintain private practices. There is also a growing number of qualified dieticians who provide private treatment in addition to their NHS work. Additionally there are now many complementary health practitioners who treat allergies.

AAA maintains information about all these related resources.

If you feel your problem may be allergy related you should first go to your GP. If your GP agrees this possibility should be investigated, you will be referred for a test and/or consultation to whatever resource is available in your area. If your GP is not immediately sympathetic, or is perhaps not knowledgeable about the resources in the area, it could be helpful if you have the appropriate information and contact details.

In order to see a specialist doctor on the NHS you will need your GP’s referral and this also applies in nearly every case if you are prepared to go privately. Some specialists who do not undertake NHS work are willing to accept patients who have not been referred.