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Six great reasons to become a member:

Benefits of membership

Membership of Action Against Allergy brings you, first and foremost, the benefit of knowing you are not alone in your fight for better health. Many of your problems are common to those faced by other allergic people.

Through AAA you can be in touch with other members. You need never again feel isolated. Your requests for specific information at any time will be given individual attention by AAA. You can be guided toward the best professional help.

The annual subscription is £20 in the UK and Eire and overseas membership is also available.

Allergy Newsletter

This informative journal is supplied free to members of AAA. In 48 full colour pages, it appears three times a year and includes articles by allergy specialists, news of helpful new products and services, and personal stories and helpful tips from other members. New members receive a welcome pack with useful information and the latest Allergy Newsletter.

A password exclusive to members enables access to the Allergy Newsletter online.

Allergy Specialists

AAA maintains information about doctors and clinics nationwide, both on the NHS and practicing privately, who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies and allergy-related conditions. Information about dieticians and alternative or complementary therapists is also held.

Personalised advice on contacting specialists is available to all members.

AAA Talk-Line

This telephone network is exclusive to AAA members. There is always someone sympathetic and helpful to talk to if you are feeling stressed, worried, frustrated -or simply want to chat with somebody else who has first-hand experience of the kind of problems you face. The Talk-line list gives you names and numbers of other members who have volunteered to participate in this scheme.

Advice on allergy-related problems

We are always willing to try and find the answers to your questions. On medical matters we have the help of our professional advisers. In addition, a comprehensive reference library of books and papers on the subject of allergy is held by AAA. Those needing help with tracking down their allergies, with special diets or other self-help management procedures, can be advised which books would be of help, and how to obtain them.

Supporting AAA

Through your membership you not only benefit yourself but have the satisfaction of knowing that you are giving practical help to achieving the aims of our charity. Part of your subscription meets the cost of mailing your free copy of Allergy Newsletter. The rest enables us to maintain our information services, to run occasional seminars and workshops and to campaign for Government improvement of medical help for allergy sufferers throughout the UK. Membership is the very backbone of our continued existence and our planning for the future.

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