Histamine intolerance is a difficult and frustrating condition to suffer from, not least because so few doctors even recognise its existence. But not so Action Against Allergy patron, Dr Janice Joneja, who, having seen the misery it could cause amongst her patients, has made histamine sensitivity a subject of special research and study since the 1990s.

Now, in conjunction with AAA trustee Michelle’s Berriedale-Johnson’s new book imprint, she has written two books about it – the Beginner’s Guide to Histamine Intolerance, already available on Amazon as an e-book and coming out in print in September. And the Professional Guide to Histamine Intolerance, a fully referenced in depth coverage of the subject designed for those who are already familiar with histamine sensitivity and for medical professionals who want to know more.


If you’re struggling with your health, but the doctor can’t find anything actually wrong with you, then perhaps you should consider histamine intolerance. It’s a condition with a range of unpleasant symptoms, which can include headaches, flushing, itching, hives, swollen facial tissues, racing heart, digestive problems, irritability and more. If you think histamine intolerance could be your problem then Dr Joneja’s easy-to-read beginner’s guide could be just what you need.

A quick guide to symptoms, causes and, most important, how you might be able to control your symptoms by using her simple but comprehensive diet. You can buy the e-book of the Beginner’s Guide to Histamine Intolerance on Amazon in the UK (£5.99).  The printed book is also available costing approximately £11.41.